Your Club at Work: Charitable Contributions

Typically, when there isn’t a lingering pandemic and our club has enjoyed the benefits of income through our partnership with Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic and our own event, Pioneer Century™, we try to share some of our prosperity by making donations to other like-minded, non-profit organizations to benefit the cycling community as a whole. Alas, we have had little income for two years and did not even consider making donations. Know that if and when we begin to restore our financial resources, the board will once again resume the practice of making charitable contributions. You, as club members, work hard at our events to very literally EARN those funds and we, the board, appreciate your efforts. We try to be good stewards of those monies and share with    qualified recipients – and try to send a little your way through picnics and banquets and raffles and such to show appreciation and provide a benefit of club membership. Here’s hoping for a change in 2022!

Ann Morrow, Vice President