New Executive Board Officers -Portland Bicycling Club

New Executive Board Officers

Pat McManus, President: I have been a member since 2012. As a member, I started volunteering for Seattle to Portland and the Pioneer Century™, and slowly became a more regular participant on rides and at club functions. After a few years, I felt I owed the club for all it gave to me so being on the board is how I give back. I started a few years ago as member at large and have now been president one year. I did not start last year with a personal agenda but simply had the goal to facilitate activities desired by our membership. However, I do have one area of concern for the club – that is rider safety. I dread the possibility that any one of our members should lose their life or be severely injured while doing something they love. For this reason, as a member at large, I worked to formalize a club safety policy. As president and a ride leader, I continue to stress safety on my rides and will continue to do so as president of this club.

Doug Myers, Vice President: I have been an active club member since 1992 and am approaching my 100,000th mile. I have served two years as president, two years as road captain, and one year as vice president of the PWTC. Besides providing recreational fellowship for the members, the club should be supporting cycling in the greater Portland metropolitan community in a more visible manner.

Corey Eng, Treasurer: I believe I lend some historic background to our club, being an active member since 1979. I have served on various board positions, including three terms as president 1984-85, 1992; treasurer 1986-1991, and currently since 2018; in recent years, member at large, and twice as road captain. I have led and volunteered at many of our major events. I plan to continue to provide the club with information that helps us make informed decisions.

Ann Morrow, Recording Secretary: I started riding with PWTC, now PBC, in the early ’90s. Despite recent challenges with name changes and events, whether real or perceived, I believe in this club and its members and want to be involved in building on our reputation and moving forward into the cycling future.

Cindy Bernert-Coppola, Membership: I have been a member since 2005 and have served on the board as recording secretary (2009-2012), president (2014), and since 2019 as membership secretary. I have been on the web committee as webmaster since 2010. Presently, I am on the planning committee for our 2020 event. I enjoy the position of membership secretary as it puts me in direct contact with our new and returning members, and it works well with the webmaster position in communication with members and non-members. I am excited about the future of the club and hope to use my background and skills to move the club toward a vibrant, inclusive organization for those who love cycling.

Darin Swanson, Road Captain (right): Cycling is part of my passion for exercise and meeting new and interesting people. Seeing how the group promotes cycling in Portland, I was excited to be able to help out as a road captain.

Mike Heffernan, Member at Large (left): I am relatively new to cycling and a member of PBC since 2016. I have always been active, and cycling has given me a good outlet. This is a great group to be part of, and I welcome becoming more involved.

Stephen Bache, Member at Large (right): Though only a fledgling member of the club (since 2014), I bring decades of nonprofit board experience to the club. Since my work and travel commitments preclude my serving as a ride leader, I welcome the opportunity to serve the club as a member at large on the board.

Alan Mevis, Member at Large (left): I joined PBC in 2015 for the social experience of group riding. The experiences exceeded my expectations; so many different rides and opportunities for far-flung involvement in cycling – with people. Now I’m on the board of PBC. Well, how did I get here? Letting the days go by…