Ride Leader & Wannabe Workshop -Portland Bicycling Club

Ride Leader & Wannabe Workshop

Hello Ride Leaders and Ride Leader Wannabes. This is for you only, because you are special. Remember the upcoming workshop? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8. Remember the previous QR article about it? Remember the ride leader email about it? Of course you don’t, because you either didn’t read it, or it was too soon to care. NOW, IT IS NO LONGER TOO SOON! IF YOU ARE ATTENDING, THEN WE NEED YOU TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Go to the club website, log in, click on the “ride” in the calendar, and do the online sign-in to reserve your spot, and READ THE RIDE DESCRIPTION!    If you can’t or won’t do the on-line sign-in, then please send an email to [email protected]. We need to find out for the pizza order how many are attending; so, now you recognize that it is really, really important. We road captains are not doing this for ourselves (we already know everything). We are doing this for you. If there are only a few of “you” registered, then we will cancel the workshop – that means no pizza – so, once again, you grasp that this is of great consequence.

Topics? Yes, but you will have to come to discover what they are. All I will say is that there will be a few ride leaders who will be really annoyed if you aren’t there to demonstrate your interest in their topics for discussion.


Rob Schroeder and Todd McCollum, Road Captains