What to Wear in Winter -Portland Bicycling Club

What to Wear in Winter

Are you thinking about joining us for the first Reach the Beach training ride or starting to ride soon? Then you’ll probably want to dress for February weather. Here are some recommendations:

  • Base layer (wool is great for these colder days)
  • Waterproof or water-resistant top jacket
  • Wool socks and wool gloves (base layer)
  • Waterproof socks and waterproof gloves (outer layer)
  • Bring a spare pair of gloves (Bud Rice has been known to do this)
  • Head cap that is water-resistant and covers your ears (wool or fleece is a winner)
  • If it’s raining cats and dogs, wear a cycling cap over your head cover and flip the visor down to reduce water on your protective eyewear
  • When you get to the coffee stop, take a minute to wash up and clean your eyewear
  • If your gloves are soaked, wring them out and make sure to bring them inside to dry out a little bit
  • Use a waterproof bicycle bag or freezer bag to store electronics, etc.
  • Please consider having fenders on your bike, for your benefit, and the rider behind you

Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather in Portland – only bad clothes! 😉 Have fun riding out there, and be safe!

Kathleen Hellem, Reach the Beach Training Series Ride Co-Leader