Scholarship Opportunities

The executive board has approved funding two motions: 1. one to cover registration, lodging and travel costs to attend a League Certified Instructor (LCI) course in Seattle May 1-3; and 2. the other for a member to attend the Portland Active Transportation Summit March 18-19. Applications must be filed with the board by emailing a letter to President Pat McManus ([email protected]). Explain why you think you should be selected and why you are interested in attending either the LCI course or the summit. Prior to applying, carefully review the respective websites to fully understand what they entail. Any member can apply.

  1. Certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Training Seminar May 1-3

Cascade Bicycle Club’s LCI Seminar

The League of American Bicyclists (League) promotes “Smart Cycling” via a formalized program in bicycle safety education that assures consistency in such training across the country. Read about it here: RideSmart. To do this, the League has also developed a program for training and certifying league cycling instructors to teach the smart cycling classes. An LCI within our membership would allow PBC to sponsor smart cycling classes in the Portland Metro area. These classes would be open to members and nonmembers and support our club’s mission to promote group cycling and bicycle safety through education. The prerequisite for registration in an LCI training seminar is membership in the League ($40/year), which covers individual liability insurance as an instructor, and attendance at a smart cycling course. Since there are no smart cycling courses in the Portland area, this can be substituted by an online course (free) and on-bike time with an LCI. The PBC executive board or Cascade Bicycling Club can help with identification of an LCI for this part of the prerequisite. Once certified, the successful applicant will be obligated to teach at least two smart cycling classes within 12 months of completion. The application deadline is March 1.

  1. The Street Trust’s 2020 Active Transportation Summit March 17-19

The Street Trust’s Annual Summit

The Street Trust, formerly called the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, is an organization dedicated to advocating for trust in our streets, meaning that we can trust that our metro streets will be safe for vulnerable users, pedestrians and bicyclists alike. The Street Trust’s 2020 Active Transportation Summit will be held at the Oregon Convention Center March 17-19. For more on what is meant by “active transportation” check out ActiveTransportation.

The Summit is the Street Trust’s annual conference “featuring inspiring mobile workshops, plenary sessions, professional training, and networking with keynote speakers, thought leaders, and passionate professionals.” There are many topics being planned for plenary sessions, but some of the topics potentially of interest to PBC members include:

  • Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Implementation Update;
  • Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail – Filling in the trail, one tunnel at a time;
  • Walking and cycling to transit – planning and designing comfortable and safe facilities for small-town and rural Oregonians;
  • Car-Free Streets;
  • What 15 Oregonians learned at the National Safe Routes to School Conference.

The successful applicant for PBC funding to attend the Summit will be required to report back to the board and to file a report to be published in the QR within two months after attendance. The application deadline is February 20.

Pat McManus, President