Non-Club Event Rides

Announcing a call for non-PBC event rides to be approved for club mileage. At the February 6 executive board meeting, the board will be entertaining recommendations for non-club event rides that can accrue club mileage. To be considered, an event must have a PBC ride leader. If you would like to lead one of these rides, please submit your event to Pat McManus at [email protected]. To date we have received three: Dick Weber will be ride leader for Reach the Beach (May 16) and will lead the Gorge Ride (June 13). Kathleen Hellem will lead the Harvest Century (Sept 27). Once approved, it is up to the ride leader to post the event on the ride calendar by contacting the road captains ([email protected]) with the usual details required for any ride: a description (including website for registration), date, time, maps, etc. For more information, check out the Mileage Credit Policy on our website (found in the members-only pulldown menu). You must be logged in to access.

Pat McManus, President