Election of Officers for 2022 -Portland Bicycling Club

Election of Officers for 2022

You can still run for 2022 office!

Volunteering is a GREAT way to be a part of something larger in an effort to help our community by participating in an area of passion and interest. What area interests YOU??? Can you make a difference in 2022?

Portland Bicycling Club will hold the 2022 elections at our club member Zoom meeting this coming Thursday, December 2, at 7:00 PM. We welcome ALL nominations from the floor at this meeting prior to voting. 

Any one of our amazingly talented PBC members may run for one of the nine open positions (see below). Reach out to one of the current 2021 PBC board members if you have questions or want to learn more about a volunteer role in which you would like to serve for a one-year term (or more, maybe?).

If you are interested in running or in nominating someone, please contact any of our 2021 board members as soon as possible or simply reply to your December QR email ([email protected]) so we can work swiftly to present nominations at our club member meeting tomorrow evening; however, remember, we will also be accepting nominations from the FLOOR at our upcoming meeting.

The slate below reflects the PBC members to date who have declared they are willing to serve a one-year-term in 2022. You are welcome to add your name to the ballot for any one of these positions, but there is still one position with nobody running:


Doug Myers (Incumbent). Duties of the president: Conduct all club meetings and executive board meetings, represent the club in legal matters, appoint a nomination committee and conduct elections, be a standing member of all committees, and appoint temporary board members if board members resign. Write a monthly Top Talk.



Ann Morrow (Incumbent). Duties of the vice president: Act as the president pro-tem in the absence of the president, assist the president in committee representation, and act as the chair of the Special Events Committee.



Corey Eng (Incumbent). Duties of the treasurer: Manage club finances, prepare and/or file tax reports or returns, prepare and submit to the membership an annual financial report during the first quarter of each year. prepare and submit to the membership an annual financial report during the first quarter of each year.



Christi Horton (Incumbent). Duties of the membership secretary: Process new members’ applications, maintain the membership files, prepare an annual report of membership to be presented to the membership during the first quarter of each year.



Kathleen Hellem (Incumbent). Duties of the recording secretary: Maintain a written record of all Board and general membership Club meetings.




Todd McCollum (Incumbent). Duties of the road captain: Solicit, receive, and review club-sanctioned rides; maintain the online ride calendar, oversee ride leaders, and promote adherence to rules of the road; ensure ride leaders have materials needed such as ride sign-in sheets and envelopes; recruit and train ride leaders; maintain a catalog/database of rides.


MEMBER AT LARGE (Vote for three)

Duties of the member at large: Assist the president and vice-president in carrying out the executive duties of the board, including as a conduit between the board and club members, and serve as a member of the club’s Safety Committee. For more information regarding the Safety Committee, refer to the club’s safety policy.

Dave McQuery




Mike Heffernan (Incumbent)







Vacant position balance of term through June 2022.






Come to the Zoom meeting this Thursday (December 2) to run for office, to nominate, to vote.


Kathleen Hellem, Recording Secretary