Your Club at Work: Dec. 2020 -Portland Bicycling Club

Your Club at Work: Dec. 2020

December! Wow, this crazy year is coming to an end. The craziness may not end, but the change in year brings hope.

Still, due to the pandemic, not too much is happening with our bike club. The board has resumed monthly meetings via Zoom. They are short! We have had three Zoom club meetings with fairly good attendance – 25 to 40. Social distancing. Check your QR or the website calendar for the links, and join us from the comfort of your own home. Seriously, weather is not a factor. Eat dinner. Enjoy a glass of wine. Pet your dog or cat. Ride your stationary bike.

This month, at our club meeting on the 3rd, we will elect a new board to see us through 2021. Please participate in the Zoom meeting and vote.  

In Oregon and Washington, where we ride, our governors have taken steps to reduce the spread of the virus. Each of us responds as we see fit, but we won’t be activating our ride calendar any time soon.

If you, as a member of Portland Bicycling Club, have questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to reach out to any board member, and we will attempt to get answers for you.

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club is moving forward with a 2021 STP (Seattle to Portland) event. It is scheduled for July 18 and 19. The event is limited to 8,000 riders and they advise on their website that it sold out in 2019. Cascade has acknowledged that they do not yet know what STP will look like in 2021 and consequently what PBC’s role will look like. Mark Klein remains as our coordinator and will keep us informed as the event progresses.

Ann Morrow, Recording Secretary