December Swap Meet…2020 Style -Portland Bicycling Club

December Swap Meet…2020 Style

Like many of us, you (or your house partner) may be getting a bit tired of looking at the pile of useable cycling items sitting by the front door. You know, the pile that resulted from your manic-driven-spring-COVID garage/bike-room cleaning. How many of us could have imagined we would be enduring another lockdown as we go into the holiday season? To our credit, we continue to weather the storm responsibly, do a bit of safe cycling, and protect our more vulnerable friends. However, I digress, back to the pile of stuff. While we can’t be together to ‘ooh and ah’ over untold treasures, many have spoken to say neither life nor COVID should stop our annual swap meet.

Going out on a limb here, I shall guess just about everyone has had to resort to buying something online in the past few months. That being said, let’s carry this newfound skill to our swap meet because we think members have become courageous enough to tackle the challenge! At the December Zoom club member meeting, bring and display items you have to swap or sell. Yes, buyers will be limited to whatever sellers can capture in their Zoom window; yes, creative background displays may be in order; and, yes, you may have to show your face to viewers (no blacked-out pictures) so buyers can see you and your treasures. 

The highly creative ad hoc PBC Think Tank proposes negotiations be done via the private chat function Zoom offers during meetings (please don’t quiz the author on how to do this – I’m not the Zoom guru in our house)…or email/phone contact after the fact. Contact information could be posted by the seller somewhere in your Zoom window, or the buyer could look it up in the member directory which lists almost everyone’s email address and phone number.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: Our monthly newsletter is offering space for classified ads entitled “ReCycle” where members can post items for sale or post notices when in search of a specific cycling-related item. Notices need to be submitted to by the 20th of the preceding month.

So, come on members! Admit that you are as bored as H-E-double-hockey-sticks, and here is an opportunity to test your newly cultivated techno skills. Hope to see everyone at the December Zoom meeting for the regular business meeting, yearly elections, swap meet and virtual community munching of holiday cookies and treats!

Joan Cullen, Club Member