Meet the Candidates for 2021 -Portland Bicycling Club

Meet the Candidates for 2021



Doug Myers. Duties of the president: To conduct all club meetings and executive board meetings, represent the club in legal matters, appoint a nomination committee and conduct elections, be a standing member of all committees, and appoint temporary board members if board members resign. Write a monthly Top Talk.




Ann Morrow. Duties of the vice president: Act as the president pro-tem in the absence of the president, assist the president in committee representation, and act as the chair of the Special Events Committee.


TREASURER (Incumbent)

Hello, my name is Corey Eng, and I would like to serve as treasurer for the Portland Bicycling Club in 2021. I have held this position since 2018 and was also treasurer between 1986 and 1991 (before computers were commonly in use!).

I have been a member since 1979 and have a broad perspective of our club’s activities, which Is helpful when keeping track of the club’s financial doings. My experience of being president in 1984, 1985 and 1992, and twice road captain and member at large in recent years, has given me a valuable background knowledge, useful for the office of treasurer.



Cindy Bernert-Coppola. I have served as membership secretary for two years and ask for your vote for a third year. I enjoy interacting with new members, and my position as webmaster helps. I have served on the board as recording secretary and president. I look forward to reinstating some of our lapsed members when the pandemic subsides and also recruiting all those new folks who have found a passion for bike riding during this challenging year.



Just a little about me: My name is Kathleen Hellem. Thank you for the nomination to run for the open seat on the upcoming PBC 2021 executive board as recording secretary. My past experience serving in the role of recording secretary was for Northwest Bicycle Safety Council from 2016 to 2020.

I’ve recently graduated from Washington State University by earning my bachelor’s degree in integrated strategic communications and minoring in sociology. Currently, I’m completing my internship as a journalist for “BORGEN Magazine.” As many of you already know, I’m passionate about riding my bicycle and enjoy volunteering in my spare time.



Steve Burkhart. I am a marketing and PR executive who has been bicycling for the past 30-plus years.

I love riding in the west hills and all of the flats and rollers around Hillsboro, North Plains and Forest Grove with Portland Bicycling Club friends. In the last year, I have also tried my hand at gravel riding for a change of pace and scenery.

My qualifications for the position of road captain: I care about having a robust calendar of rides for people of all abilities and interests, and I know some good routes to recommend.



Stephen K. Bache. I was a late bloomer as a cyclist.  As the practicing Luddite that I am, I couldn’t manage the mechanics of a bicycle until age 7.  It was a pretty red bike. My second bike, a glossy blue Schwinn Speedster, survived several Swedish winters and being left unlocked for years on my high school and college campuses.

I graduated to a handsome green Raleigh ten-speed which after a six-week circuit of the Low Countries, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland (two Alpine passes) and the Rhine Valley, my mom backed into. Manual transmission Peugeots are tricky that way. I then took a 25-year hiatus. Following which I graduated to first an aluminum then a titanium bike, a hot red Lynskey Helix.

That bike endured seven weeks and about 3000 miles of my riding cross country with my family and a very pretty future ex-girlfriend in 2012.

Since 2014, I have been fortunate enough to ride with the Wheelmen (oops Portland Bicycling Club). My current steed is a Moots Vamoots.

Probably well past time for me to give back to the bicycling community as a member at large on the board. Thank you for considering my candidacy. And here’s to getting back to group rides next year. Stay safe and well.



Mike Heffernan. I am a relatively new rider, just starting my third year of riding year round.  What I would like to see from the club is a continued awareness of safety on the road and from COVID.  I do look forward to when we all can meet.


MEMBER AT LARGE (six-month vacancy to end of term July 2020-June 2021)

Don Zook. Duties of the member at large: Assist the president and vice president in carrying out the duties of the executive board, including as a conduit between the board and club members, and as a member of the club’s Safety Committee.