Yahoo Groups

We love our Quick Releases. It’s a great monthly club newsletter edited by Lynn Thompson that keeps us informed about club activities. It’s a unifying agent to help us know our fellow club members better and learn what our club as a whole is up to.

But sometimes club members have time-sensitive information to share and use YAHOO GROUPS, available daily, to communicate via a “listserv” (i.e., email list of subscribers). If someone crashes, a bike-eating pothole alert, or any general bike-related information to share gets sent out on the listserv. There are currently 149 members on the list. It is not a very active list, which is good; you won’t be inundated with emails, but the listserv may help you stay current with all things Portland Bicycling Club.

The club uses your email address to send you the Quick Releases every month. Similarly, email “blasts” (e.g., quick survey, picnic info, etc.), which we try to use sparingly, may be sent to your email address. In contrast, the Yahoo! listserv is used a bit more liberally.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you know you need to join/subscribe/register to enable you to play with your friends on the internet. So, go to YAHOO and join. You know, the username and the password routine.

Once you belong to YAHOO, you can go to Yahoo Groups. On the YAHOO page, you can use the search box for “GROUPS.” Once there, enter PortlandBicyclingClub (no spaces between the words) in the search box. Then, you should be at the Portland Bicycling Club site. At the bottom, right click the JOIN GROUP box. You will need to successfully prove that you are not a robot, and then click SEND REQUEST. Of course, you may unsubscribe at any time.

The Yahoo! listserv can also be used as a forum for discussion. I am the moderator, and I’m pretty open about what goes out, but just bike-related sharing, no jokes or politics.

Join in. Don’t be left out!


Ann Morrow, Moderator, Portland Bicycling Club Yahoo Group