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Volunteers: Past, Present & Future

We had a successful STP finish line this year. What a great team Portland Bicycling Club members make! Mark Klein and Corey Eng delivered a smooth-sailing event. These leadership roles are very important to our continuing partnership with Cascade Bicycle Club. Thank you, everyone, for showing up for your selected shift, and giving your personal best.

Without our own signature PBC-organized bicycling event, we’ve had a less busy summer season. But don’t be fooled, there are PBC volunteer members behind the scenes working hard to create what I hope will be an amazing profitable event(s) in 2020. As a club, we’ve always taken pride in our fundraising efforts allowing us to financially support groups such as Northwest Bicycle Safety Council, Friends of the Historic Columbia Gorge, Street Trust, and others. I’m sure we will continue to bring that same passion and commitment to our community in the future.

Sunday Parkways is doing great this year. The PBC board members were busy scrambling to get our banners done in time. We finally got our new business cards, too. We successfully rolled out our new club name, Portland Bicycling Club; and it went over very well. Many people in the community praised us for making the name change.

I personally had one lady who reminded me that she was the one who yelled at me for having a booth sporting our historic club name, Portland Wheelmen Touring Club, to which I replied, “Oh yes! I remember you” (and sadly yes, I really did remember her). She acknowledged, “I will join your club now.”

Possible upcoming volunteer opportunities for PBC members in 2019, directly involving the members of our community, include two Sunday Parkways:

We need volunteers to be able to participate! Whether you’re a longtime club member, or new to the club, we want and need your excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. Please reach out to Sunday Parkways Event Coordinator Kathleen Hellem. Cell 503-528-6135 or email [email protected].

The club has many members who have years and years of experience. Returning annually, they have fine-tuned the processes of these volunteer roles. THANK YOU, in advance, for volunteering!


Kathleen Hellem, Sunday Parkways Event Coordinator