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Huge Thanks to Our STP Volunteers!

Once again, another Seattle to Portland bicycle classic has come and gone. This year’s ridership attendance was estimated at 8000, an increase from last year’s 7200. Nearly perfect weather conditions contributed to the satisfaction of riders, their cheering friends and families, and all those involved. By all accounts, this 40th anniversary version was a success – and it was in large part due to our volunteers!

To start with, I especially want to recognize Mark Klein for seamlessly taking over the role of STP Coordinator that Ann Morrow so ably held for many years. Mark observed all the volunteers in action and was able to help me during the busy weekend, stepping in to relieve me when I was preoccupied.

I would then like to acknowledge my team leaders:

Eric Hendricks for taking over for Alison Nelson, dealing with Portland’s ever-changing permitting process in securing Holladay Park and various other permits required to run this event.

The route marking team of Scott Poindexter and Dave McQuery. These guys attach and detach all signage from the Longview Bridge to the Portland finish line.

Bill Hamilton for organizing the Friday bus/truck transportation from Portland to Seattle. This task is a significant contributor to our club’s “bottom line,” with the four buses and four trucks being efficiently loaded and dispatched to the University of Washington campus.

Kathleen Hellem for taking over for Ann Morrow as team leader for the announcing stage.

Cindy Bernert-Coppola for her continued role as Saturday return transportation team lead.

Eric Hendricks for his continued role as Sunday return transportation team lead.

Ann Morrow for getting the Monday bus crowd to Seattle from the Doubletree Hotel.

Chip Kyle, last year’s assistant to Dave McQuery, for taking over as bike loading team lead, making sure all bikes were loaded on various vehicle configurations.

Scott Poindexter for his recurring role as Sunday baggage team lead, and returning Saturday baggage team lead Lynn Thompson; and their handling of the new, for the third year running, luggage identification coloring system.

John Mardis for his continued role as bike corral team lead.

Dave Ek as Saturday route safety team lead.

Dick Weber, the finish line setup/breakdown supervisor.

Tom Carter for returning as Sunday route safety team lead, after a one-year hiatus.

Returning team leads Joan Cullen and Nancy Chu, respectively heading up the information and volunteer booths; keeping people well informed, and volunteers properly dressed, identified and fed.

Joan Cullen and Dave Ek for the orderly return of all STP supplies back to the storage unit.

Thank you to the nearly 100 Portland Bicycling Club members who volunteered to fill the approximately 130 job duty time slots. And thanks to all of you who stayed past your assigned shifts and lent a hand where needed.

Thank you to the 11 Skyview High School basketballers and coaches, and the 16 Skyview wrestlers and coaches, for their assistance in setup, teardown, baggage unloading and handling, merchandise hauling, bike loading, and passing out finisher patches.

Advance apologies to any deserving volunteer I may have forgotten to mention.

Volunteers Steve Abeling, Dick and Janet Adkins, George and Yvonne Ammerman, Armond Anderson, Frank Arndt, Elyse and Mark Berkovitch, Jeri Botsford, Bill, Donovan and Terrance Casey, Nora Cheng, Alan Coppola, Stephanie Croy, Del Decristoforo, Chuck Dorr, Sharon and Warren Ford, John Francis, Mark Fromm, Peter Goodkin, Ryan Hamilton, Brian Hammer, John Hart, Clayton Hawkes, Mike Heffernan, Craig and Sarah Hill, Agnes Ho, Dennis Hogan, Eileen Holzman, Mike Ives, Diane Kerns, Cackie Kyle, Ken Larsen, Ted Leigh, David Lewis, Mark Linehan, Joel Loh, Doc Loomis, Kurt Lootens, Karyn Mardis, Kerstin Maroney, Jeff Marshall, Pat McManus, Kirk Minges, Richard Miselis, Gary Monzon, Kimberly Morehead, Grant Murrell, Alison Nelson, Devra O’Gara, Eric Olsen, Nyna Payne, Jack Peterkort, Marvin Rambo, Ashley Reynolds, Janet and Jim Sanders, Elaine and Pete Schmidt, Benn Schonman, Rob Schroeder, Arden Shelton, Bill Shideler, Gary and Sandy Shuler, Betty Suryan, Darin and Trisha Swanson, Jason TerWee, Jeff Willensky, Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez, Amy and Erin Wirtz and Don Zook.

Hope to see all of you next year!


Corey Eng, 2019 STP Volunteer Coordinator