STP Finish Line Recap -Portland Bicycling Club

STP Finish Line Recap

Now that the 2019 STP is over, all our club members who were involved can breathe a sigh of relief and be proud of what we as a club were able to achieve in hosting the finish line.

As a first-time finish line coordinator, my job was made easier by the dedication of all the experienced team leaders and their volunteers. A special shout-out goes to Corey Eng; his wrangling and managing the volunteers was second to none. His hard work and advice were critical to making this year’s event a success! Thank you, Corey.

This year’s event saw almost 8,000 riders cross the finish line in Holladay Park, with 1,824 riders doing the entire 206 miles in one day. Our own club members Scotty Poindexter, Ashley Reynolds and Sarah Hill completed the ride in one day! I stand in awe of their achievement. Rob Schroeder aka “Domestique Support – Team Hill” let Sarah suck his wheel for the last 77 miles (kudos to Rob for his support). Dave Epps, Bill Hamilton, Ryan Hamilton, Brian Hammer, Dave McQuery, Evan Nikiforoff, and Daniel Payne rolled into Portland on Sunday!

Once again, I want to thank the volunteer members of the Portland Bicycling Club for giving their time at the finish line, in particular those members who were at Holladay Park from Friday to Monday.

Having the PBC responsible for the finish line of the STP is not only the biggest source of revenue for the club, but it is a rewarding experience to take part in its production. I urge those of you who did not have the chance to volunteer this year to step up and experience it all next year.

Once again…THANKS TO ALL!


Mark Klein, 2019 STP Finish Line Coordinator