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Getting to know Todd McCollum

Pete: When did you begin biking and why?

Todd: I began biking when I was a kid.  Hopping on my Schwinn Sting Ray when I could to run around the neighborhood.  I also did a fair amount of biking while in college, but then ignored my bike for many years.  I started riding again in 2012 and entered an OBRA TT at PIR.  Striking up a conversation with one of the riders there, he encouraged me to ride with the Wheelmen to become a better rider, so I did.

Pete: How many miles do you typically ride in a year? Club rides, or independent rides?

Todd: I’ve averaged between 3,000-5,000 over the past several years, both with the club and on my own.  I’ve recently found myself in early retirement so would like to reach 6,000 this year.

Pete: You must have a favorite bike in your “stable.” What bike is it, and how many others do you have? 

Todd: My go to bike is a Specialized Roubaix.  Very comfortable and reasonably nimble.  I also have a Specialized Diverge I use as my rain bike and a circa 1980 Trek which has been hanging from the rafters in my garage for 35 years.  Someday I’ll take the time to get it in riding shape again.

Pete: What do you find most enjoyable about biking? Is there anything about the activity that you don’t like?

Todd: I simply enjoy getting out and the camaraderie with others.  It’s also the one thing I enjoy doing to keep myself in shape.

Pete: In addition to cycling, are there other hobbies, interests, or pursuits you engage in?

Todd: Betsy, my wife, and I enjoy traveling when we can.  We visit my mother in central Oregon often and I frequently ride there as well, sometimes with the Central Oregon Wheelers.  I enjoy reading when I have the time to sit back and unwind.

Pete: While we would all like to be biking fulltime, unfortunately we have to work to support this and other habits. What kind of work do you currently do in your “day job?”

Todd: I worked in various enrollment services positions with George Fox University and Linfield College for 30 years.  And while I haven’t ruled out the possibility of returning to work, for now my “day job” is riding, serving as a road captain for the club and helping around the house as much as I can.

Pete: What is a surprising fact about you that your fellow club members might find interesting?

Todd: Hmmm…  Nothing comes to mind here.  Guess I’m just your average joe who is good to draft behind on the road.  Oh wait…  My wife just suggested something:  I’ve never had a beer in my life.

Peter Schmidt, Club Member