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Thank You, STP Volunteers!

After a two-year absence, the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic returned. Final registration numbers were down this year with approximately 6,000 registered riders and a probable large number of no-shows. Almost perfect weather conditions, with comfortable temperatures, favorable winds, and mostly dry roads led to many smiles on the faces of riders, their cheering families, and friends.

Thank you to all the Team Leaders who made the ride the success it was.

  • Eric Hendricks for flawlessly taking over the role of STP Coordinator that Mark Klein held in 2019. Eric kept the lines of communication open with the Cascade Bicycle Club. Thanks, Mark, for passing on your knowledge to Eric and assisting with the various permitting requirements. 
  • The Route Marking team of Scott Poindexter and Dave McQuery. These guys attached and detached all signage from the Longview Bridge to the Portland finish line. This entailed a full Friday and a half of Monday to accomplish.
  • Bill Hamilton for organizing the Friday bus/truck transportation from Portland to Seattle. This is a significant contributor to our club’s “bottom line,” with three buses and three trucks being efficiently loaded and dispatched to the University of Washington campus.
  • Kathleen Hellem for being Saturday/Sunday team lead for the announcing stage.
  • Cindy Bernert-Coppola and Alan Coppola for their roles as Saturday/Sunday Return Transportation team leads, helping load nearly a dozen buses.
  • Ann Morrow loading the three buses full of Doubletree guests back to Seattle on Monday.
  • Dave McQuery as Saturday/Sunday Bike Loading team lead, making sure all bikes were loaded on various vehicle configurations.
  • Scott Poindexter for his recurring role as Saturday/Sunday Baggage team lead.
  • Mark Klein as the new Saturday/Sunday Bike Corral team lead.
  • Dick Weber as Saturday Finish Line Setup/ Sunday Finish Line Breakdown supervisor.
  • Alison Nelson as the new Saturday Route Safety team lead.
  • Chip Kyle as the new Sunday Route Safety team lead.
  • Ann Morrow as the new Saturday/Sunday Information Booth team lead.
  • Nancy Chu for her recurring role as Saturday/Sunday Volunteer Booth team lead, keeping volunteers properly dressed, identified, and fed.
  • Corey Eng and Todd McCollum for the orderly pickup and return of all STP supplies from/to the storage unit on Friday and Monday.

Thank you to the approximately 90 Portland Bicycling Club members who volunteered to fill the approximately 140 time slots. And thanks to all of you who stayed past your selected shifts and lent a hand where needed.

Thank you to the 13 Skyview High School basketballers and coaches, and the 14 Skyview wrestlers and coaches, for setting up and tearing down the finish line, helping set up the bike corral barricades, unloading baggage from trucks, sorting bags and ordering them in numbered rows, bike loading onto trucks, traffic sign placement/retrieval, and other miscellaneous requested tasks.

Kim Allen, Julia Barnes, Mark Barnes, Lynn Blanchard, Bruce Buffington, Tom Carter, Terrance Casey, William Casey, Patrick Cecil, Hugh Chakler, Nora Cheng, Bob Cook, Steve Demarest, David Dorr, Deborah Edwad, Charlotte Finn, Sharon Ford, Warren Ford, Tom Frillman, Sara Gabin, Barbara Goodkin, Peter Goodkin, Ryan Hamilton, Lisa Hansen, Denise Hare, John Hart, Mark Hartel, Clayton Hawkes, Mike Heffernan, Craig Hill, Agnes Ho, Matt Hodson, Dennis Hogan, Diane Kerns, Cackie Kye, Karen LaBonte, Mark Lander, Jerry Lanz, Kenneth Larsen, Ted Leigh, Alan Levy, Chloe Li, Charles Lindner, Jim Liu, Joel Loh, Doc Loomis, Andreas Mantzke, Kerstin Maroney, Bruce McCracken, Scott McKinzie, Alan Mevis, Monica Miller, Eamon Minges, Kurt Minges, Ken Norland, Jan Oestereich, Darryl Parish, Nyna Payne, Ashley Reynolds, Janet Sanders, Ann Sandvig, Elaine Schmidt, Pete Schmidt, Ben Seaman, Arden Shelton, Maria Sworske, Cheryl Tolle, Lloyd Tolle, Kurt vonKlopfenstein, Karen Warner, Jeff Willensky, Thomas Williams, and Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez.

And thank you Cindy, Lynn, Ann, and Kathleen for spreading the word on social media for pleas for volunteers. We ended up with only four open positions.

Advance apologies to any deserving volunteer I may have forgotten to acknowledge.

Corey Eng, 2022 STP Volunteer Coordinator

Editor’s note: And thanks a million to Corey Eng for tireless hours of recruiting and organizing all these volunteers!! Corey, your club thanks you!