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Join the Strava Community!

What does Strava stand for? Strava is Swedish for “strive” (verb). And it is a free app for athletes.

One great free way to track your cycling efforts is by downloading the free app called Strava. I have been a member of this community since 2013. I use it for hiking and running in addition to cycling.

Lately, is seems more and more PBC members are currently using this great app. It is very user friendly, and free! 😉 It is kind of like a Facebook for athletes. It allows you to tag people, upload pictures from your cycling, and keeps track of your accomplishments.

I have personally never paid for any additional features Strava offers. I’m satisfied with the free app. It tracks miles, average, and elevation gains. For example, it compares my cycle efforts dating back to 2013. The Strava community is supportive of cycling, running, and various other outdoor activities. I appreciate that it keeps track of all past efforts on segments of the routes we cyclists do. It also provides a map of your route.

Getting comments on or likes from fellow cyclists on your completed ride is very satisfying. Strava is supportive of your physical activities, and likeminded people are there to cheer you on. Some people choose to pay for extra features (for example, route creators) and take the Strava athlete platform very seriously. That’s fine too. Whatever works. But once you visit the site and subscribe, make sure you’re getting the free app.

A reminder: end your cycling activity before you throw your bike on the rack and drive off. While that may improve your stats, Strava will flag your activity. Never fear. It is easy to fix! Once you are home, simply hop on your computer, go in, and edit out the drive home.

Strava works well with Garmin, too. Or you can simply use a cell phone. All amazingly easy! If you need help with the setup of this app to your cell phone, feel free to email me at or call me 503-528-6135, and I will happily see if I can assist you.

Fellow cyclists, what an interesting 2020 we’ve had thus far! The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we do things as cyclists. I have high hopes that one day soon we will resume group rides again with PBC members. Be well and stay safe.

Kathleen Hellem, Librarian