Elections? What, now? Didn’t we do that in December? That’s when I came out of hiding after I knew those positions had been filled. I could go back to club rides without fear of getting my arm twisted into serving on the board! What elections??!!

Well, my dear fellow Portland Bicycling Club members, we also have midyear elections. Your capable and brilliant board members (true, it was past board members but all the same…) saw the wisdom of having some positions filled at the midway point of the year to eliminate the possibility of the entire PBC board changing at the first of the year. This way, there is always continuity during turnovers. One road captain and two members at large are up for election in June. 

Rob Schroeder is the current road captain whose “year” runs from July to July. The current members at large are Alan Mevis and Mark Barnes. They may wish to run for their same position again. However, even if they do, in the spirit of democracy, anyone may run against them. BTW, club dues are waived for active board members.

This is just a quick notification that these positions will come up for official election in June. More details about the potential incumbents and their plans soon.

If you are interested in running for one of two member-at-large positions or for road captain, submit your name and a brief statement expressing your interest and your involvement with the club to Doug Myers, President, at [email protected]. The board meets via Zoom on the third Wednesday of each month; members are welcome to attend.

Ann Morrow, Vice President