Your Club at Work: April 2021

Club Rides

The board continues to monitor state of Oregon protocols, expert opinions, and data to allow for an informed decision regarding proceeding with more extensive club rides and ridership. Board discussion discloses variance in opinions but ultimately focuses on member safety. Your board cares about your wellbeing and will err on the side of caution.  We share your love of cycling and empathize with your frustrations but don’t want you sick.

Club Activities

In the same vein, 2021 is shaping up as another zero-income year, other than dues and donations, forcing more hard decisions regarding spending. The board has been contemplating some form of annual celebration for award presentations, fun and generally celebrating ourselves. We are keeping the notion of a summer picnic on standby. We do not want this 50th anniversary of our existence, 1971-2021, to pass by without celebration. As with rides in general, the board tries to balance rebuilding a robust organization with safety and fiscal responsibility.

Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Ann Morrow, Vice President