Road Bike Safety

Bike Equipment

  1. Make sure you have checked air in your tires.
  2. Test your brakes; make sure they work in all weather conditions.
  3. Make sure your bike chain is clean and lubricated.
  4. Make sure your bike is tight (do a pick-up and drop test)
  5. Be seen and heard. Have you attached a bell and horn to handlebars on your bike? Wear bright, visible clothing.
  6. It is recommended to have a white light on the front of your bike and a red light on the rear (make sure that they work).
  7. Make sure that the seat height is correct. You should have a slight bend in your knees when sitting on the seat.
  8. Make sure you are wearing a safe helmet; be sure that the chin strap is snug and that you can see.
  9. Pay attention to traffic behind you, use a mirror. 

Rules for Riding on the Road

  1. Plan your route. Take advantage of bike lanes. When riding with a group, stay in the rightmost lane. Avoid passing the rider in front of you on the right!
  2. Yield to traffic and pay attention to parked cars.
  3. When you are at a four-way stop, proceed safely. If there is a car stopped, wait for that car to proceed before you move.
  4. When planning to turn, use appropriate hand/arm signals.
  5. Ride defensively and obey street signs.
  6. Be predictable; stay alert at all times.
  7. Yield to pedestrians.
  8. It makes sense to keep both hands on the handlebars (hitting a bump can interfere with your balance).

Good Links to Review for Bike Safety

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  3. Washington State Bicycle Safety Tips
  4. Plan a Bike Route with Google Maps
  5. Google Maps for Bicycle

Don Zook, Member at Large