May 2022 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

May 2022 Top Talk

How YOU can assure the Pioneer’s future.

How? By registering to ride! We need to make sure that the Pioneer is well attended and a financial success. And, we desperately need people to pre-register so we can get a good estimate of the amount of food that we need to purchase. Nothing would kill the Pioneer like running low on food or spending large sums on excess food that will go to waste. ✎

As stated earlier, the Pioneer ride is being reintroduced by popular demand. This year, significant cost savings are being introduced by utilizing a different starting point, limiting the number of routes, and generally keeping an eye on the bottom line. What isn’t being reduced is the beauty and challenge of the route over Sawtell Pass and through Elliott Prairie – the best routes of the 2018 ride. We are also not planning to scrimp on the food at the two rest stops. Our volunteer crew is shaping up well, but we can still use SAG drivers and people to provide energy and hospitality at the start/finish line. (Check out the online signup sheet; scroll down to see more vacant positions.)

Let’s make the 2022 Pioneer a smashing success so we can look forward to a full Pioneer Century™ next year and, for the years to come!

Doug Myers, President