May 2017 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

This is a plea for volunteers. In less than five weeks, we will be hosting our signature, invitational ride, The Pioneer Century. There are a myriad volunteer positions that need to be filled to successfully stage this event. To date, many club members have signed up to help and we are very appreciative of their commitment to the club and their interest in helping make the Pioneer a success. However, there are several critical volunteer positions that need to be filled. Please read Corey Eng’s article nearby to see the positions that are open. Many of the positions are structured so that you can be a volunteer as well as ride on the day of the ride. If you have not already volunteered, please help our club make this event a truly great experience!

I also encourage you to attend this month’s club meeting. It promises to be an interesting program by Cynergy E-Bikes. As the name implies, the program will be about electric assist bicycles. Included in the program will be information about individual brands as well as conversion kits to transform traditional bikes into e-bikes. If you come early, Cynergy will be offering test rides beginning around 6:00 PM. Also, if the topic is of interest to you, there will be an E-bike Expo at Lloyd Center on the third weekend of May.

You know well my interest in bike safety. I subscribe to a weekly email newsletter called Road Bike Rider and they had a recent article authored by the principals of the publication. The article dealt with something all of us have experienced, or will (unfortunately) experience – bike crashes. I encourage you to read the article, not from a voyeuristic perspective of a mishap, but instead for the lessons learned from each crash. For each crash that is described, there is a follow-up paragraph about what they learned and how that type of crash might be avoided in the future. If you’re interested, here is a link to the article:

Ride safely.