June 2018 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

June 2018 Top Talk

President Chip Kyle

By the time most of you read this, the 2018 version of our signature Pioneer Century Ride will be complete. I want to offer my sincere appreciation to all of you who volunteered and contributed to its success. As you well know by now, the Pioneer is an “all hands-on deck” event and cannot be run without a large number of club members pitching in. There are so many different tasks that it is hard to count. Your efforts on both big and small tasks were needed to smoothly run the Pioneer. So, a big “thank you” to each of you. It’s well appreciated. There is one person; however, that needs to be singled out for his contribution- Brian Hammer, the Event Coordinator. Brian began working on this year’s event shortly after the conclusion of last year’s. The myriad details he has attended to, the extensive “to do” lists he has compiled and followed, the number of people he has coordinated with, and the energy and perseverance he has shown are exemplary. Best of all, he still has his sanity (not to mention his equanimity)!   Thank you, Brian, from all of us. Next time you see him out on a ride, tell him “thanks” and buy him a snack.

The club is still looking for a volunteer to step forward to run the Program Committee.  Barry Emmerling has done a superb job organizing interesting programs for our monthly club meetings. He plans to step down in July and is available to train/mentor a replacement. The job is easy for the rest of this calendar year- there is only the month of November that needs a program. Please consider this your opportunity to help keep the club vibrant and interesting.

Board elections will be held at this month’s club meeting for three positions: two members at large and one road captain. Please plan to attend.

Final note. I have recently spent time with a 6-year-old grandnephew. He likes word play and offers this to the club:

Why can’t a bicycle stand on its own?

Because, it’s too tired!

Ride Safely!