January 2017 Top Talk


President Chip Kyle

As I sit here and write this just before Christmas, I realize that the last two Decembers have not been favorable for our club’s activities. Here is an excerpt from last January’s Top Talk:  “. . . we have been washed out of our club rides with a deluge of rain.  Portland received a record amount of rain for the date on a series of days; our Christmas Lights Ride was cancelled due to flooding at PIR; and rising streams, creeks and rivers inundated many of our usual routes.”  This December we have been wiped out by two successive snow storms – one of which paralyzed the city of Portland.  I have never seen our ride calendar where for three successive days the word “cancelled” was posted beside every ride.  This included this year’s Christmas Lights Ride!  The last time I was on the bike, I suffered two flat tires from the gravel laid down on the streets.    I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to somewhat better weather, and much better riding conditions.

At the end of this month on the 29th, we will all face a significant challenge:  to see if we can recognize our fellow bike riders in street clothes without their riding kit and bike helmets.  (Please try to refrain from saying “hey, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on”.  It gives rise to unfortunate misinterpretations!)  The Awards Banquet is one of the events to which I look forward.  We take the opportunity to recognize members who have made significant contributions to the club as well as highlight those individuals who have been most active on club rides.  We also typically have a few humorous awards, identifying a few individuals’ distinct characteristics.   It’s a fun time, I encourage you to attend.

I look forward once again to serving with a strong, capable and dedicated board.  We have a talented group who have been with the club for a considerable time.  Their institutional knowledge and club history makes my job much easier.  I am especially appreciative of Ann Morrow, our long serving Vice President.  I have full confidence that despite my straying hither and yon, she, and the rest of the board, will keep the club going in the generally right direction.

The first event for the club President is the New Year’s Day Ride.  I’ll be there and hope to see you there as well.  Until then, stay warm, avoid the ice and safe riding!