December 2016 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

December 2016 Top Talk


President Chip Kyle

It’s almost the end of 2016, and as I reflect on the last twelve months, I see it has been an instructive, fun, challenging and rewarding year!  Looking back, there are numerous highlights that come to mind:  our ability and willingness to offer a ride every day of the year; our commitment to be involved in the community in which we live through our donations and volunteer efforts; our “everybody on deck” extraordinary volunteer endeavors of the signature Pioneer Century and STP Finish Line; our well planned and executed extended weekend rides outside the immediate Portland area; and our training rides for Reach the Beach.  We have had a successful year and it is all due to the willingness of you, the club members, to participate and be willing to do whatever is needed.  Thank you!

Also as I look back over this year, I am fully cognizant of the fact that my role as club president was made significantly easier by the professionalism, generosity, perseverance and involvement of the other board members.  This is a special group of committed people, all of whom are hard working and have the success of the club as a prime focus.  As a group, they were not shy about commenting, correcting, opining or suggesting alternatives to ideas presented by the person sitting the in president’s chair.  I offer an especially sincere “thank you” to them as well.

The December club meeting is different from all the others as there will be no formal program or presentation.  Instead, it will be a potluck of hors d’oeuvres and desserts (Yum!), a swap meet of bicycle related components, gear and clothing (great deals!) and a food drive of non-perishable items.  Oh, yes, almost forgot,  there will be one principal item of business – election of 2017 board members.  See the list of candidates nearby.  Come to the meeting it’s a good time to socialize and enjoy the expert baking talents of your fellow club members.

The club’s annual awards banquet is in two months.  Please help Bud Rice by sending him nominations for the various awards that are given out.  Give some thought to the following:  Member of the Year; Volunteer of the Year; Ride Leader of the Year; Most Improved Rider of the Year; Comeback Award; and the Goodwill Ambassador Award.  Send him an email, along with your rationale, and make a suggestion.

One last item concerning safety.  I saw a rider speeding down the street with his helmet hanging on the handle bar.  The idea was good (you should have a helmet when you ride), but the implementation and execution was lacking.

Ride safely!