December 2020 Top Talk -Portland Bicycling Club

December 2020 Top Talk

Two years ago, Chip handed over the gavel to me – and now I am about to do the same for a soon-to-be-elected new president. As a member at large for two years I had observed that Chip worked very hard in this position, so I expected no less; but he said the hardest part was writing the monthly Top Talk. I came to appreciate both the amount of work needed to be president, but also understand the challenge of the Top Talk – never so much as these last eight months! I have been striving to maintain your interest in a club that currently has an empty plate. I feel a bit like we are citizens of ‘Whoville’ in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A virus has tried its best to wipe out our club, but this club has proved stronger and more united than any virus. A lack of calendar postings has not stopped folks from riding. Sadly, we can’t hold hands and sing happy tunes at the end of this Grinchy episode, but riding and waving to friends as we pass proves that the club is still there and the friendships we have made are lasting ones. In a few months we’ll be riding again as a club. A vaccine is on the horizon and I, for one, will be in the line to get it so I can rejoin you at Boring Station Trailhead, Lents Park, Woodstock, Gateway, Wilshire Park, and the Fishbird Bridge! I can’t wait!

Fishbird Bridge over I-205

Join me for my final Zoom club meeting as president on Thursday, December 3rd. We will be electing the 2021 executive board, thanking the outgoing board, and sharing happy holiday greetings.

Before I go…#1: YES, there is a second chance to order the PBC Jersey. Our “Club Jersey Store” brought to us via Primal will be open December 10-28, with direct delivery to your home expected in early February 2021. The link to access the store will be sent to your email address sometime close to December 10. Ordering by December 28 is firm. No late orders will be accepted.

Before I go…#2: The board will be considering our annual donations to non-profits at the December board meeting. Please send in your recommendations to the webmaster ([email protected]) or to any current board member (

Before I go…#3: We still need a few more people to help with scanning old documents (QR, club and board minutes). This will be a great resource for celebrating our 50th anniversary!

Before I go…#4: Thank you to club and board members for all your support these past two years. A very special thanks goes to QR editor Lynn Blanchard, the regular contributors to the QR, particularly Ann Morrow and Kathleen Hellem, our webmaster Cindy Bernert-Coppola, and the entire PBC Reach the Beach team. You have kept our club visible!

Before I go…#5: Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season! See you soon!

Pat McManus, President